Man Was In The Military For Months. Watch This Unexpected And Emotional Reunion!

This is one of those videos that is certain to bring tears to your eyes because of how emotional it is. I love watching the service men and woman of this country reunite with their pets after coming home. This video clip is a tear jerker because the joining wasn’t expected at all

The man in question is a soldier, who served for a very long time and very far away from home for the sake of his country. In the video, you can watch him as he arrives at home finally finds some peace. When he gets home, we see two pups rushing out to greet him, they look insanely excited and happy to finally see this friend back home again. They look so cute  as they really try to hug the man filled with such joy at his return. The smaller brown dog is cute for sure but just look at the response the man gets from that giant mastiff. He looks like he’s acting like a tiny puppy seeing his master for the first time and it’s so heartwarming and endearing to see.

Please share this incredible story with all your friends and family if for no other reason than to honor the millions of those that serve this country. Please leave a comment about how you would feel getting attacked out of love by a humongous mastiff with a case of the puppies.

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