Man Noticed His Horse Was Depressed. What He Does Next Will Bring A Smile To Your Face!

The saying is quite true, that friends come in all shapes and sizes. And honestly, if you have a friend who is always there when you’re down, then it really doesn’t matter where they come from or who they are.

An owner had one horse, but day after day, he noticed that his horse Rocky was looking more depressed as every day passed by. He was concerned, and as any parent, he wanted his horse to be better. Seeing his horse in that condition broke his heart and he tried to find solutions to help his horse get better.

He thought perhaps getting a companion for Rocky would be the best solution. Taking care of horses isn’t cheap, but he did want to help, so he went to the shelter to adopt a rescue dog named Callie. To his surprise, Rocky and Callie really hit it off!

Introducing Callie to Rocky was EXACTLY the thing that Rocky needed. The two of them now run around and horse around all day. In fact, you can catch a glimpse of their happy friendship in the video below. The horse and dog have become inseparable and in fact, Callie begs to be let out just so that she can join her equestrian buddy out in the fields to play, while Rocky whines for her if she’s not around.

This really is true friendship. What do you think? Write in and let us know your thoughts in the section below. We LOVE hearing from you!

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