Man On Autism Spectrum Cares For Abandoned And Mistreated Exotic Pets

When 10-year-old Alex Randall asked his mom for an exotic pet, he ended up bringing home a ferret who had been returned by its owner. This began a lifelong mission to care for the exotic pets no one else wants. Now, thanks to the sanctuary Alex and his mom run, mistreated exotic pets always have a place to call home.

Alex Randall started his career in caring for unwanted animals with a ferret returned to the pet store. He named the ferret Ferri, and 1,200 animals and 17 years later, the foundation he and his mother have created — The Critter Camp Exotic Pet Sanctuary — can boast caring for over 30 species.

Alex’s mom Beth explains what we all should learn from her son and his mission: “Our story is about helping someone or something, and how that also helps you personally get through a challenge. When Alex started taking care of the animals, it was a tremendous way to help him heal. By caring for these pets at the sanctuary, he was able to recover, grow and feel strong again. That’s a lesson we believe many people can empathize with.”