Man Opens Washing Machine. I Couldn’t Believe What He Poured In The Dispenser.

People are always looking for ways to wash their clothes and not spend a ton of money on certain items. While detergent can be fairly cheap, especially if you know where to buy it on sale, things like fabric softener can be a drain on your budget. There are also so many brands and some people think that it can be toxic. Well, enter something from your kitchen that can gt the job done: vinegar.

There’s apparently a lot of uses for vinegar with laundry – they can keep fabrics soft, kill germs, keep colors bright, whiten white clothes, make your clothes smell better, help remove stains like sweat, etc., and really do a deep clean of your washer. It’s a lot cheaper than having to always buy fabric softener, etc. You can save money AND both look and smell good too. What a win-win situation.

The video shows a couple of ways to use vinegar – the only thing is, the washer he uses is a top-loading one. A lot of washers that I use are side-loading one. I wonder how the vinegar would be used in the slots of those side-loading machines. Anyways… he puts in a half-cup of vinegar in the dispenser, not the washer itself. He also recommends just doing a hot cycle with no clothes to clean it.

Like everything else out there, there are skeptics about how well this will work. They wonder if the vinegar could actually wind up damaging the washers over time by eroding certain parts. I’d hate to have to explain to a repairman, “Um. It was vinegar that may have done this. Do you have this part? What do you mean it’s going to take three weeks for the part to arrive? Don’t make me pour vinegar on you… Hello? Hello?”

Have you tried vinegar yourself? Have the results been good? Any drawbacks? Are your clothes as blindingly colored as the shirt the man is wearing in the video? Tell us all about it, good or bad, in the comments section below!

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