A Man Pays Tribute To His Dog In An Unusual Way…

Losing a pet can be brutal. There are so many years of memories packed in the time that you had together – cuddles, pats, licks, friendly head butts. My miniature schnauzer has been dead for almost 20 years but there are still some times that I expect her to suddenly amble into my work area to give me some company. I have a cat that does that now, but I still miss my doggie. A man named Ben Puskas paid tribute to the dog he lost recently in a very sweet way, as you can see here.

The video shows footage of Tammy through the course of her life, from when she was a young dog all the way up to after her death and burial. There are some really gorgeous shots, especially when she’s looking up at the camera. She seems like such a sweet doggie, and she must have loved Ben, the man who made this video tribute to her, to pieces. The feeling was very mutual.

Tammy was a lucky dog. Ben and his whole family adored her. There are so many shots in the video of her lying with his mom, his dad, his sister… everyone always made room in their hearts for her. Some people think that 10 years is a long time. When it comes to pets, it’s nowhere near long enough. But Ben was able to capture that life in this video – although he did speak too fast sometimes, it seemed.

The part that really made me sad was seeing Tammy in her “coffin”, with all these letters of love and support and then the cat sitting by the grave as Ben’s sister helped put the final touches on the site as the video came to an end. I’m sure that Tammy knew that she was loved her whole life – I just choked up some thinking about one of my cats, who is older. One day, I’m going to go through this. It’s a sad part of life, but we can always keep them in our hearts.

Have you had to go through something like this? I’ve had several pets die over the course of my life so far. What did you do when it happened? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section and also “Like” us on Facebook!

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