Man Performs A Jaw-Dropping Routine With His Three Horses. When They Do THIS? Unbelievable!

Friesian horses are probably one of the most gorgeous breeds of horses on earth. These spectacular horses are popular for their beauty, intelligence, and their elegance. Frédéric Pignon is a French horse trainer who is brilliant at what he does. In this clip, we get to see one of his performances. And what an unbelievable performance it is!

This was executed at the Equita’Lyon 2010. At the beginning of his act, he brings only one horse with him to the field. They perform a delightful routine, but then another Friesian makes his entrance. The audience members were in awe when they saw the incredible tricks Pignon had taught them. But to their surprise, a third horse also appeared. What follows next is indescribable!

These horses are so beautiful that they don’t need any adornment to make them stand out. They have long, flowing manes and such a graceful way of moving. The first horse seems to dance with Pignon out in the ring by himself. They both look like they are having such fun.

When the second horse comes out, they perform some tricks together to entertain, and then the third one comes out. When Pignon is out there with all three, it is hard to describe the emotional bond you can actually see between him and these three horses. They adore him. One of them even asks for a kiss, which I don’t think is part of the routine, and Pignon lightly kisses his muzzle before continuing. You have to see it.

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