Man picks wrong beer. Then this majestic horse walks up to him and… too funny!

When it comes to certain brands we will always be loyal customers, however, there are others out there that are trying every marketing technique in the book to try and get us to purchase their goods…

One such brand that has no trouble moving their product and has dedicated consumers but also has one of the best marketing campaign there is, they are Budweiser.

Budweiser is a company that tried out a new marketing technique many years ago and not only did it work, but it’s proven to be what has kept the brand going strong throughout all these years.

What has made Budweiser so popular and has become an iconic figurehead for the company are the Clydesdale horses. Every year this company invests millions of dollars in the large, beautiful horses to have them represent the popular beer brand.

In return they are more than a little recognizable by people all over the world simply because of the Clydesdale horses that represent the company.

This past year the company made a surprising announcement that they would not be featuring the beloved horses in their ads and there was such an outrage that the company quickly announced that the iconic figureheads of the company would return, much to our relief. I guess they didn’t want to risk upsetting all of their dedicated consumers.

This featured video shows one of their popular commercials. In this commercial there is a man at a grocery store and he is left with the choice between two beers, Budweiser and another brand.

The man starts to pick up a case of the other beer when one of the beautiful Clydesdale horses appear before him and just stares at him. The man quickly puts down the other beer and confidently picks up a case of Budweiser. And the brand lives on with their beloved Clydesdale horses.

Watch the beloved Clydesdale in this commercial and let us know what you thought of it. As always please feel free to share this video with your family and friends on social media.

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