Man Plays Violin and Enchants Beluga Whale With His Music

This beluga whale is perhaps the first underwater melophile. It’s clear that she’s a lover of music, not moving until wagging a bit right at the end of his song as if entrapped by the violinist’s harmonic spell.

A man visiting the aquarium decides to play his violin beside a tank, containing a beluga whale. The rest is history. The sea creature just floats and listens assiduously to each stroke, pitch, and melody with a constant attention span.

As the violinist plays the slow melodic tune, the whale does not move her eyes at all. Indeed, while he runs the bow up and down the violin, it is apparent that she follows his every movement making sure she does not miss a thing. Whether it is the movement, the tone, or the vibrations that have totally enthralled the beluga, without any doubt, the sea creature adores the music.