Man purchases old, abandoned double-decker bus. The transformation he does is stunning.

I am the kind of person who will go to eBay, only to try and get ideas for my home or office. You never know when you might catch an incredible bargain or a way to make your life better. They have very nice tools and objects that will make your house look classy. One day I bought this floor lamp. Initially, it didn’t look like much, even though it looked great in the pictures. I assembled it and 15 minutes later I was reading with much better light than I used to. That’s when I learned that you need to spend a few bucks to get your house looking classy and techie.

Adam Collier-Woods is on eBay one day just looking around. Then, he sees an old decommissioned double-decker bus on sale. He does not know what to make of it initially. Is this some kind of joke? Adam wonders. He wasn’t particularly sure what he would do with a double-decker bus if he were to buy it. There is something that tells him he would have good luck. He decides to buy the bus anyway. No one could’ve imagined what he is about to do with it next.

I have seen people from all around the world transforming old mobile vehicles into homes. I admit that I had not seen such an impressive transformation like this before. He pays for the bus and finally gets going. Adam receives his bus. Once he does, he starts discovering how many problems the bus has.

All the floors are rotten. The windows are leaking and would not get fixed easily. The walls also needed insulation. Adam is a carpenter, so he knows that it will require a lot of arduous work in order to make it shine.

Little by little, Adam starts taking apart his double-decker bus. He draws up some plans and to be honest, I didn’t know what to expect at the end. How could a bus in such harsh conditions be ever transformed into a living arrangement? I guess I underestimated Adam’s resolve, I thought he had nice plans.

Despite this, it would be easy to make it happen. When I could see what the end result was, I was blown away. Who would have thought that such an ambitious project could even be possible? The most inspiring thing here is that Adam wanted to do everything himself. He figures that it shouldn’t be that much trouble. See for yourself!