Man puts a chameleon in front of a mirror – you won’t believe what happens next!

Most people are likely to have a family pet that is nothing more exotic than a dog or a cat. And why not? For the most part, they’re pretty easy to look after, and only occasionally might you have a problem with a chewed slipper or scratched table leg. For some folks though, they need something a little more challenging, and they’re the ones who head towards the “tropical” section of the local pet store!

While some people might prefer spiders or snakes, others have their flags firmly planted in the lizard camp. Say what you like about these exotic pets – they’re certainly not cuddly! But one of the most fascinating creatures that you could ever possibly have sitting on your shoulder – is the amazing, multi-colored chameleon!

These remarkable lizards are famous for their ability to adapt to their surroundings, to blend in with whatever background they happen to find themselves in, and have arguably one of the most advanced and successful camouflage techniques in the animal kingdom. These weird looking creatures with their independently mobile eyes, Zygodactyly feet, and tongues that make Gene Simmons jealous have become a very popular alternative to a more traditional family pet! They’re also extremely old, with the oldest know chameleon dating back to…well…let’s just say millions of years ago!

Hailing from hot countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and Australasia, they have since been introduced in Hawaii, California, and Florida, and many people are raising the lizards as one of their own. But you need to be committed to owning one, as they’re definitely not as straightforward as owning a cat! To begin with, you need a spacious, heated tank and plenty of foliage for it to disappear into, and make sure you’ve set aside an extra $100-$200 a month for food and care. Like all animals, they’re not just a fad, so think twice before you make a decision following a well-researched foray into owning one.

It’s pretty awesome when you can witness the creature’s camouflage ability first hand, which usually kicks in when it feels threatened or a predator happens to be on the scene. But watch this amazing video and see what happens when a chameleon is introduced to its own reflection! Who’s that good-looking lizard over there?!

Don’t miss this great footage of something you might usually get the chance to see. And whatever you do, don’t lose a chameleon if you’re going to own one – you might never find it again!