Man Puts Rubber Contraption In Bathtub Drain. I Was SHOCKED At How Much Hair It Took Out.

Amazon has so many great items. It’s hard to believe that this site was first a place to order books. It’s grown exponentially since its humble beginnings. I think that if you tried to buy a yak from Nepal, you could probably find it on there. Shipping might cost a lot and you’d likely have to specify “Lots of airholes in the crate”, but it could be done. The things this video shows are a lot cheaper and a lot more helpful than a yak.

The premise of the video is a compilation of items that are each sold on Amazon for $15 or less. So… for around $125, you could conceivably make life a LOT easier for you in your house or apartment. There are things that save space for plugs (plus acts as a surge protector/USB charger), help keep shower drains from getting clogged, fly traps for garbage cans, a thermometer that connects to a phone app, a soap pump that can be pressed with the back of one’s hand, and putty that can be used as a hook for hanging stuff up.

The videos range from the straight-forward to the snarky. The TubShroom and the Garbage Can Fly Trap ones were cheeky, with silly comments and a gigantic stuffed fly as a prop. Hmm. I should get that one to prank my wife, but I don’t think she’d forgive me for that one. All of them were well-presented with none of that low-budget feel. While they looked cool, not all of the items were for me.

The one that really intrigued me was the Space Plug. That and the TubShroom. Both of them look like they would really improve things around our house. The C-Pump could also serve a purpose for a place with a lot of kids, but it might take a while to get the child to use the back of his or her hand to pump it. The Kinso thermometer could be useful. We don’t really have problems with flies where we live and the putty/hook idea is good, but there are a lot of competitors with the hanging stuff.

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