This Man Raised This Gorilla 10 Years Ago. When They Meet 5 Years Later, Things Get Emotional!

English conservationist and businessman John Damian Androcles Aspinall raised a zoo-bred lowland gorilla named Kwibi for the first five years of Kwibi’s life. In 2005, he released Kwibi into the forests of Gabon, West Africa where he belonged, as part of a conservation program to reintroduce gorillas into the wild.

This is how conservation programs work, but it was hard for him to say goodbye to Kwibi. They had formed a very close bond, but Kwibi needed to be in his natural habitat, living like he’s supposed to in the wild. It was better for him and for the preservation of the species. Kwibi needed to mate!

Aspinall didn’t see Kwibi for another five long years. Then he finally decided to pay his old pal a visit and went searching the jungles for the gorilla. He was warned not to, and told that Kwibi might not remember him and might not react so positively. But Aspinall had faith. He knew Kwibi would remember.

Kwibi is now ten years old in this video and is much bigger and stronger. So Aspinall was a little concerned he might get attacked, but not really. What happened next is extremely heart-warming! Aspinall went in search of Kwibi with one of the workers there who told him Kwibi had attacked the last two humans he met. But wait until you see this reunion. I cried.

Watch the video below! Can you believe this incredible reunion? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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