This Man Raised That Gorilla Some Years Ago. When They Meet 5 Years Later, Things Get Emotional!

English conservationist and businessman John Damian Androcles Aspinall raised a zoo-bred lowland gorilla named Kwibi for the first 5 years of Kwibi’s life. In 2005, he released Kwibi into the forests of Gabon (West Africa) where he belonged, as part of a conservation program to reintroduce gorillas into the wild.

Aspinall didn’t see Kwibi for another 5 long years. Then he finally decided to pay his old pal a visit and went searching the jungles for the gorilla. Kwibi now 10 years old in this video is much bigger and stronger. So Aspinall was a little concerned he might get attacked, but what happened next is extremely heart-warming!

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