Man records train speeding down tracks and captures moment it demolishes a wall of snow

Some hobbies are generally seen as “normal.” Think of all the people who spend their spare time golfing, fishing, scrapbooking, and the like. Other hobbies might strike most people as quaint but still command a certain respect; perhaps building model ships in bottles is a good example. And then there are hobbies that get a little bit… intense, requiring a lot of homework and deep but narrow knowledge. Hobbies like that are widely regarded as eccentric or even a little crazy.

A classic example of an… intense… hobby is train spotting. The people who do this, known as railfans, devote themselves to learning anything and everything about one or more aspects of railroading: railroad history, locomotives, rail cars, infrastructure, preservation of historic trains, art, architecture, and much more. And then there’s the actual spotting. Railfans go out in the wild and hunt for trains, carefully logging what train they saw, when, and where. A lot of us might say, “Who cares?” But for railfans, this represents the thrill of the chase. Thanks to the internet they can now post photos and videos, some quite dramatic.

One such video is posted below. It was shot on a cold winter day near Salisbury, New Brunswick. Recent storms had blanketed the area with huge amounts of snow and while the street the video was shot at was plowed, the train tracks were buried by a fresh layer. All the ingredients were in place for an epic railfan video. The only thing missing was the train, but soon enough, along came Canadian National 406 West, a freight train mostly consisting of tank cars. The locomotive alone weighed 200 tons and when a massive object moving at speed slams into a thick layer of snow, the effect is amazing, almost mesmerizing.

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