Man refuses to leave after home sale

When a California couple bought their dream home, they didn’t realize the previous owner had no intention of leaving.

A Riverside couple was filled with joy when they purchased their dream home. But their dream quickly became a nightmare when the former owner refused to move out.

Now, Myles and Tracie Alberts find themselves paying a mortgage while someone else lives in their home. Incredibly, law enforcement cannot remove the man from the home.

This is because the owner is taking advantage of California’s eviction moratorium, which prevents homeowners or renters from being removed from their property as a result of the pandemic.

The only problem is, Myles and Tracie Alberts closed on their house months before the pandemic started. Now, they are in a fight for their home.

The former homeowner and current squatter have refused to comment on the situation, but the Alberts are infuriated to be locked out of a house they legally own.

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Man refuses to leave after home sale