A man relaxing in a camping chair gets his biggest shock when a bear decides to sit next to him!

Grizzly bears are huge. If you’ve had the chance of seeing one up close, even if you saw them at the zoo, you’ll know how true this is. For many people who have decided to live up north, especially in places like Alaska, meetings with bears are regular occurrences. Although bears are not very dangerous animals, it is always a clever idea to keep your distance and leave them alone.

Bears might be huge, and they might even look fat, but they are very agile animals for their weight and can outrun a man. On top of that, they are very skilled climbers. So, going up a tree if you’re trying to escape one of these furry animals is not such a promising idea.

People who live next to these beautiful animals have learned to take their precautions. Black bears act in a very similar way. The reason they might visit someone’s home is if they are looking for food. Remember that it is not them who are invading us, it’s more us settling down in the land they have known to be theirs for a long time.

If you are near black or grizzly bears, you want to make sure that there’s no easily-accessible food for them. Chances are that if they find food in your home once, they will be coming back for more. At times all these bears want to do is cool down from the scorching heat. So, if you are one of those people who has a swimming pool, it will be like a cool watering hole for them. So, get ready to have visitors over.

This might come as a surprise to you, but there are people who choose to share their space with bears. Some of them have even adopted a few. I recently saw a couple who were in their 50s and decided some time ago that they would adopt and take care of some bears they found abandoned. The bears were still cubs then but with time, their family of bears grew to about 20 bears. For the couple, they are like the babies they never had.

The man in the following video acts very cool for a person who is quietly relaxing in his chair and is joined by a big grizzly. The man remains in his chair and the bear doesn’t seem to notice him. Then, the bear looks at the man and sits down on the grass next to him. I think I would run for the hills if that happened to me. How about you? What would you have done in that case?