Man releases trapped octopus – what happened next is amazing!

We regularly cover many stories about animals showing their gratitude when humans rescue them. More often than not, these are adorable videos of dogs getting a new chance at life and wanting to let their saviours know just how thankful they are. But every so often, a story breaks about the rescue of a more unusual creature – and what’s even more flabbergasting, is when such a creature says “thank you” too!

The world’s oceans are filled with some crazy lifeforms – and there’s still a lot out there we don’t fully understand while discovering new life all the time as the world evolves. But one beast from the deep that we’re more familiar with, is the 8-tenticled octopus – which is actually one of the most intelligent beings under the sea. They are fascinating creatures, which makes this footage all the more interesting and remarkable – and why it’s gone viral!

While wandering along a beach one afternoon, a man discovered a small octopus had become trapped. The poor creature was beached and was undoubtedly a goner if nobody was going to intervene. Sea creatures are washed up on the sands every day and many are doomed to die unless they can find their way back to their natural habitat. The outlook for this little octopus was looking bleak.

Thankfully, this kind-hearted, good Samaritan decided not to walk on by, and he procured a plastic cup to assist the stricken animal. He gently scooped the slippery fella up and waded deeper into the sea to deposit him somewhere safer – where he could easily swim back to where he was much more comfortable. Thinking no more of it, the man turned to leave, but it was then the octopus did a remarkable thing.

Instead of continuing on his merry way, the creature turned around and swam back to the foot of the man and stretched a tentacle lovingly across his boot! The animal remained there for a good length of time, before deciding that he’d said thank you for long enough and swam back to his ocean lair. The whole jaw-dropping episode was captured on video – and the internet has gone wild for it!

This is definitely one you shouldn’t miss as it’s got the world talking, astonished at this creature’s gratitude to the man for saving his life. Share with your family and friends and do your bit to help our animal kingdom! We’re hoping he removed that plastic cup from the beach too!