A man rescued a small newborn animal near a sidewalk and nurses it incredibly well!

What does it take for a person to do an act of kindness? To be honest, not much. We only need to be more attentive in life. There are dozens of people whose lives we can touch in a positive way. I remember reading a blog some time ago. The blog was written by a man who was depressed. His marriage was not going well, and he had problems at work.

He started the blog as a way of coping with stress. It was something his psychologist had recommended. One of the things that surprised me the most was the fact that he had a lot of views but very few comments. The comments came mainly from women. I believed their maternal instinct had become awaken and they felt the need to offer the man a little bit of advice.

The guy had started the blog 6 months before and was still depressed. Everything started to change for the man once another man who had been going through similar things offered a few pieces of advice. It might have only taken this man 30 minutes of his time in writing them, but it made the blogger feel much better. Soon after, the blogger updated his experiences and shared how important it had been for him to see someone take an interest in him.

We can also do this type of thing for animals. There are dozens of them we see in the wild and outside our own homes. It’s just a matter of watching close and lend a helping hand. The other day, I saw a street dog who was outside a butcher’s shop. The dog had become attracted by the beef’s smell and had gotten closer to see if there was something he could get to eat.

People in the vicinity were scaring the dog away. You could tell he had not eaten in quite a while. I saw the dog and asked the people at the butchery about him. They told me he had arrived about three days before. When I found that out, I bought a large piece of bone with meat on it for the dog. I made sure there weren’t any other dogs around and gave what I bought to the dog.

It had enough meat on it to last him for a day’s eating, considering he had not eaten in some time. I went home feeling a lot better. I talked to my children about it and spoke to them about the importance of compassion. Another man who changed a little animal’s life is the person in the next video. He saw a defenseless newborn animal and nursed it to health. The result will melt your heart!