Man rescues trusting mama dog and adorable puppies from roadside

Mama dog and adorable puppies

The Dog Rescue Shelter in Mladenovac, Serbia, recently found an abandoned mama dog with her babies alongside a road. One of the friendly volunteers from the rescue shelter went close to the little dogs and found 2 puppies hidden in the grass.

Mama dog and adorable puppies

The loving gesture that the volunteer showed by kissing the puppies on their forehead could melt the heart of any onlooker. The mama was instantly comfortable with the person who came to rescue them.

She knew that the people had come to help her and the little ones. She looked at them with trusting eyes. The rescuer took the mama dog and her 2 puppies and placed them in the dog cage in their car.

Mama dog

Then he returned to check if there were any more puppies and found a third one. He brought the little one to the car and placed the puppy beside the mother.

All the volunteers started to search the whole area to check if there were any more puppies. Soon, the happy mama dog arrived at the shelter. She was very comfortable and happy.

Mama dog and adorable puppies

The mama dog was safe with her puppies and gave her best as a new mother. She loved her new life, and after 3 months, her little puppies looked healthy and were ready to be adopted.

The puppies looked adorable. They soon found their new homes and were adopted by happy families who would cherish them forever. These amazing rescuers did change the life of the poor abandoned mama dog and her 3 puppies.

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