Man goes outside to work on his yard and returns with a deer friend


There is a special connection one gets from interacting with wild creatures. One man, who moved into an open field, shows how we can pet, scratch, and love wild deers.

At first, the new neighbor moved into the yard about nine months back. His outdoor neighbors, local deers, were not very welcoming. They stuck around, curious about the new resident.

The distant friends came close often. They soon became acquainted with their neighbor, an adult man who had a big heart. He gives them a soothing scratch just below their chin.


They lick his hands, a way of showing their love for him. One particular deer, Susie, really enjoys his company. She responds to every invitation for neck rubs and scratches heartily.

Susie is precise about those spots and tissues during her massage. The man follows her orders, scratching the top of her head as she lowers her face after the neck rub.

Susie takes a break; she pauses to see where the other bucks are going. Well, her play pals were just goofing around. Susie scratched her chin with her hoof.

She needed a scratch at that spot, and she got a helping hand. Susie is really sweet and smart. Finally, she scratched a spot that wasn’t touched. She goes on to mingle with other bucks.

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