A Man Reunites With The Gorilla He Raised Himself After 5 Years In The Wild

The Aspinall Foundation is a key player in the preservation and defense of the gorilla species at a worldwide level. What they do is helping gorillas that were raised in captivity adapt to wildlife and eventually live on their own as if they were born in the wild. They move them from the Howletts Wild Animal Park, located in England, to their huge reservation in Africa.

The Foundation was founded by Damian Aspinall, and he personally has seen hundreds of gorillas be set free in their natural habitat, and he has one special gorilla in the bottom of his heart. His name is Kwibi, and they have been very close since the gorilla was just a baby being raised at Howletts, but after he was released into the wild, it was likely that they would not see each other again.

But he still retained hope, and when he visited the reservation, Damian wanted to check up on his old friend. He was advised against it because of reports of Kwibi’s aggressive attitude, but he paid no mind. When you see how the gorilla reacted to Damian, your heart will melt in a second.

Watch this beautiful reunion for yourself in the touching video below.

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