What Is This Man Doing With A Rodent? You’re Not Going To Believe It, OMG!

Frisco and Ozzy go through this little routine several times a day. It’s what Ozzy insists on doing whenever Frisco tries to get on the computer. Since Frisco, like most of us, has developed a compulsion of going online many times a day, this is a regular happening in town.

However, Frisco does not live in San Francisco. We’re not going to disclose his location, which is what was requested of us. Frisco is afraid that people will turn up at his door to see Ozzy, who is the cute weasel in this clip.

According to Frisco, weasels are not pets. They don’t behave like hamsters in captivity and they become feral and aggressive when hungry. Check out what Ozzy gets for his meals – raw meat and raw eggs. So better be careful if you have any raw meat on your body.

Ozzy is an exception though. He’s a rescue weasel. Rescue animals tend to behave better, especially if they have been traumatized. They can be more grateful and less demanding. You’ll know if you’ve ever rescued a dog or a cat.

The world’s most famous weasel appears in a nursery rhyme, which goes: That’s the way the money goes, Pop! goes the weasel. It doesn’t even rhyme but that’s how it is with good poetry. It doesn’t have to rhyme, it’s just good!

The world’s second most famous weasel is a tie! They are the weasels in Judge Doom’s Who Framed Roger Rabbit and a weirdo back in the 90s with the nickname of The Weasel and the name of Pauly Shore.

Is there any weasel trivia that you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments section below. It’d great to hear from you!

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