Man rotates table clockwise, solves the worlds’ number one household problem

Ever been to a restaurant, sat yourself down, and ordered a drink? Then casually leant on the table only to find that it is off balance. I don’t know about you, but I hate that. But, it is not going to beat you, so you look around for a little something that you can place under the offending table leg. AH…..a coaster….that will do it, you carefully place the coaster under the leg, give it a little wiggle, and…tah dah…..all fixed. That is of course until the pressure of the weight of the table compresses the coaster and you are back to where you started……damn!

You think to yourself, there has to be a better way of fixing this most annoying problem. Maybe I will just move tables, that will fix it, but no, the restaurant has now filled up so you are stuck at good-old-wobbly table number 17. There is a spare serviette, so you fold it up and shove that little sucker under the leg, replacing the now flattened coaster……. that got it……or did it? At first you have a sense of accomplishment, you have beaten one of mankind’s most annoying problems. Now to enjoy your meal.

When you think about it, there must be a logical explanation for the phenomena. Technically all of the legs are the same length so there should be no reason for this frustrating movement. That means there can be only one answer to this predicament, the floor must be the problem, it must have a ridge or valley in it somewhere to account for the instability off the table.

Right, now to the scientific mumbo-jumbo that will tell just how simple it is to fix this world-wide problem. The clip below features an interview on YouTube’s Numberphile channel with German mathematician and table straightening expert Matthias Kreck, from the “University of Bonn”. This talented-table-technician specializes in algebraic topology and differential topology, two subjects that I know completely nothing about. Now, in the video our mathematical-mate explains to us exactly why the table is wobbling, then states that mathematicians “Never” have unstable-table-topples. They have worked out the formula for correcting that age-old problem.

When you click on the link below, you are in for a huge surprise as to just how easily this frustrating unruly bad-table-mannered moment can be solved. Now be warned…….mathematicians are not known for their sense of humor, so you will have to bear with Matthias when he throws in the occasional joke. We’ve all heard the joke about the mathematician and the pencil, something I can’t tell you hear, but unfortunately that’s as funny as they get………Just joking…….I have met many masters at math’s that are not only brilliant, but also very funny. Click on the link below to learn just how simple some problem solving ideas can be.