Man is rushed to the hospital after a shark attack ends up getting much darker news

Shark attacks are no joke. Every year, hundreds of people suffer shark attacks in beaches around the world. While a shark is an animal born to be in the water and swim very fast, the same cannot be said of a human. But what exactly makes a shark so deadly? For starters, sharks are used to hunting their prey from under. This is the reason that most victims are not able to see them until it is too late.

Their color plays a significant role in their stealth. When seen from below, sharks are light colored. This is exactly how water would look from under. You would see the sun’s reflection in the water making it very difficult for a swimmer to tell where the shark is. When viewed from the top, the shark is blue. Just as water would look. So, if you were on a surfboard and looked down trying to locate the shark, you would have a tough time seeing him.

On top of that, sharks are excellent swimmers. They would be able to catch anything swimming in a few seconds. Humans compared to any sea mammal are extremely slow. Even for an elite swimmer, getting away from a shark would be an impossible feat. The only chance they would have of making it out of there alive, would be if the shark lost interest in them and left them alone.

When shark attacks occur, the attack usually ends before the victim can realize it. Most people who suffer shark attacks are not able to come out with all their body parts intact. I saw this video of a shark attack where the victim lost her two legs, but at least she could make it out of there.

The next video shows an incredible story of survival, one that would extend far after the attack itself. Eugene is vacationing with his family in Huntington Beach California. He is an avid surfer and this time of year brings the best waves. He suits up while his family is relaxing at the beach.

He goes and catches a couple of good waves when he suddenly feels a crushing blow on his back. The impact is so hard that Eugene feels a whiplash run through all his body. He instinctively swims out of there and makes it to the beach. When he gets there, his daughter asks why his back is bloody. Eugene realizes that he had been the victim of a shark attack. The wound was superficial and he didn’t think much about it. By the following day, he had started getting sharp chest and back pains. He goes to the doctor and is shocked at what the tests reveal!