When This Man Sat Down Next To Her, She Was A Little Suspicious. Suddenly… He Started Singing…

Flying home is often a mixed experience. On the one hand we can think of nothing more wonderful than being back home with the people we love, but on the other hand we are often completely exhausted from the time spent flying and walking around the airport. We just want to get out of the airport and back home so we can rest and relax.

So imagine now that you have landed back home and are waiting for your ride. You are sitting down with your luggage along with several other passengers from the flight. Suddenly, a man that you do not know sits down next to you. He pulls out a guitar and starts playing it. He then bursts out singing a song that everyone around can hear, and you notice that there is another stranger with a camera filming not him, but you.

This is what happened to Lindsey when she returned home from a month-long trip in Costa Rica. She was waiting for her boyfriend to pick her up when suddenly the music started. What happens next is amazing.

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