When A Man Saved An Abandoned Bear Cub, It Was The Beginning Of A Unique Friend

Casey Anderson has always been known as “the animal magnet.” Animals just seem drawn to him. In college, he studied biology, which involved a lot of work with animals. He did everything from dancing with wolverines to making friends with river otters. Not long after he finished school, he found himself the curator of a wildlife park. Anderson has traveled the world and studied elephants, crocodiles, big cats, and more.

But it was a grizzly bear that turned out to be Anderson’s best animal friend. “From my very first encounter, I’ve been fascinated by this amazing animal. The more I learned, the more I wanted to tell their story. And the little-known tale of these Yellowstone grizzlies is truly one for the ages. But my passion goes beyond observing these bears in the wild. You see, my feelings toward grizzlies are a little bit different than most people. Maybe that’s because my best friend weighs in at, oh, about 800 pounds.”

Anderson was out in the woods one day when he spotted a bear cub. It was apparently abandoned; there was not sign of its mother anywhere. Still, a lot of people would have made themselves scarce at this point, but not Casey Anderson the animal magnet. He decided to take the cub in and care for it. As things turned out, this was the beginning of a very unusual friendship. The bear, named Brutus, was a resident of Anderson’s house for a time but eventually got big enough that he had to live outdoors. Still, their friendship endured and inspired Anderson to establish the Montana Grizzly Encounter Rescue and Educational Sanctuary. Brutus, a very well-behaved bear, served as the centerpiece of the sanctuary’s educational programs.

Brutus and Anderson have remained great friends. In fact, the bear served as best man at Anderson’s wedding!

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