This Man Saves His Neighbor’s Three Dogs From Fire! WOW!

Relationships between neighbors are a bit mysterious. We don’t really know much about their lives and maybe our interactions are just based on quick hellos and byes, nonetheless the bond is there. Just by living next to someone you can know a lot about their lives, this is the reason behind the nosy neighbor stereotype that many sitcoms use!  Andrew Robb was Demarco Carter’s neighbor and proved to be very removed from the odious stereotypes! In today’s you will read about a selfless brave man that just wanted to help a helping hand in a situation of crisis!

These two guys had never actually talked in all the time they lived next to each other, until Carter’s home caught fire due to a kitchen explosion, he made it out alive, however he had inhaled a lot of smoke and his three dogs were still trapped inside. This is when Robb stepped in when he decided to save his neighbor’s dogs — Casey, Scrappy, and Chipper. He got all canines out, one by one, paying no mind to the flames!

Even Carter was shocked to see Robb put his life on the line for the three pooches. But, having dogs of his own, Robb knows how important they are.

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