Man sees that his three dogs are uncomfortable in cold. His solution? Amazing.

I admit that I’m a real estate show fan – I especially love the ones where they show tiny houses. Even though I would never actually BUY one, given that I have a wife, son and two cats and living in one would drive me insane, it’s still a feat of engineering that boggles my mind. Well this video takes the tiny house theme even further – a man builds a heated doghouse for his three pooches that’s just as amazing as the other houses, just smaller.

We see a time-lapse of the whole “Dog Mahal” being constructed – from its shell as a chicken coop to various walls and other parts being added to the roof being placed, along with shingles and other parts. It’s all very professional looking. Fencing is placed around the area and I’m surprised to not see any doggie real-estate agents starting to show the place to other dogs. “Look, I can go as high as three bags of dog food here. That’s my final offer…”

It takes a shade over 24 hours to finish – a timer has been running in the top right corner of the screen. It’s a gorgeous thing, with two doggie doors, two windows, a heat lamp, doggie beds, a porch… heck. I wanted to go live there… then again, I think it’d be just a tad too small for me, since I’m larger than the biggest dog there. It was a labor of love for the three dogs’ daddy and I’m sure he sleeps well knowing that they are comfortable.

The video does end on a bit of a sad note. We see the three dogs sitting on the porch of their brand-new doghouse. You can tell that the one on the right is an older dog, there’s gray around his muzzle. Sure enough, there’s a still picture of him at the end with the text “RIP Jake: 2005-2015.” He was loved his whole life, that’s for sure. While it’s all part of being a daddy for a dog, it’s still heartbreaking. At least he got to see this home.

Wasn’t this a wonderful use of talent to make sure that his three dogs were comfortable in the cold? Have you done anything similar for your dogs or cats? We’d love to hear your stories in the comments section.