Man Sends a Lawnmower Toward a Moose To Scare It. He Immediately Gets Instant Karma.

Moose are the gentle giants of the forest, spending their days munching on plants, moss, shrubs, and the occasional bit of tasty fruit. But don’t be fooled by the moose’s normally placid disposition. If angered, threatened, or frightened, a full-grown moose can do a lot of damage. Male moose can be aggressive and fiercely territorial, even more so during mating season. So if you ever encounter Mr. Moose, the last thing you want to do is look him in the eye or stamp your feet. Instead, try not to make any noise and calmly back away. Running won’t do you much good. Moose can hit 35 miles per hour. They’ll catch up to you if they want to and you’ll get a taste of the antlers! Actually, it’s more likely the hooves would get you. Moose primarily defend themselves with their large, sharp hooves. A single blow can kill a bear, wolf, human, or… robotic lawnmower.

As you’ll see in the video we’ve posted below, a robotic lawnmower is no match for a moose. A large moose ventured into a Norwegian homeowner’s garden, attracted by some deliciously ripe apples on the trees. As the moose was happily munching away, a small robotic lawnmower was working its way back and forth across the grass.

The first time the mower got close, the annoyed moose gently pushed it aside. But the lawnmower’s second approach a short time later was too much. Suddenly and without any warning, the moose raised one of its front legs and — thwack! — brought one of those mighty hooves crashing down onto the machine. That’s all it took. The Moose was able to get back to its apple party without being bothered by the mysterious and annoying noisemaker.

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