This Maine Coon is The Biggest Cat in New York. WOW He is Big

There are some big cats out there. I’m talking domestic ones, not the ones that you see in the wilderness that could take your face off with a single swipe of their paw. Some of these cats are large because they overeat, but some of them are just naturally big. Take a look at the cat in this video to get an idea of what it’s like.

We meet Samson, a cat who holds the title of the largest cat in New York City. He’s a massive Maine Coon, weighing 26 pounds and measures at over four feet in length. He’s bigger than some dogs. He also acts like a dog, following his daddy around his apartment and sleeping at the foot of the bed. He doesn’t fetch, though, as far as I know.


Samson’s dad says that he’s quite gentle, and it seems like it. A drawback? Grooming him costs over $100 a pop. He’s quite hairy. Insane grooming costs, constant litter changing, and possibly only having steel furniture due to his massive claws possibly shredding any cloth, it looks like having a cat like Samson would be a blast.

Samson’s got quite a substantial Instagram following, and he gets wheeled around Manhattan in a baby carriage. Can you imagine walking by the carriage and seeing a cat instead of a baby? I can’t imagine having a cat that large.


It’s funny that his daddy uses him as bait to pick up dates. Hey, if I were a single man and had a cat like that, I would definitely be wheeling him all around too. Samson won me over the very second I first saw him.

This Maine Coon is The Biggest Cat in New York. WOW He is Big