Man was sick of neighbor’s dog peeking over the fence. You will laugh when you see his comeback

A neighbor’s dog can be a nuisance for many people. Especially if you don’t like dogs. That doesn’t mean that if you adopt lover you are going to want your neighbor’s dog literally sticking his nose in your business. There are many neighbors that take these things very seriously. Some of them have even taken the other neighbor to court. There was this case of a neighbor who had a problem with his neighbor’s dog. The neighbor’s dog would always be jumping the fence any eating his plans.

This neighbor had a makeshift greenhouse. He liked to grow several things from flowers, tomatoes. The tomatoes color and flavor was apparently too much for the neighbor’s dog to resist. One day, the neighbor with the greenhouse got home and was ready to check on the tomatoes and flowers. He was shocked to find all of them have been partially eaten or stepped on. He had no doubts as to who was responsible for it. The neighbor’s dog was still lying down eating some of his loot.

The very next day he took his neighbor to court and was entitled to payment of repairs. That might seem a little bit too severe for some people, but come to think about it no one really must go through anything against her will. I guess it’s a little bit better to maybe build a virtual fence for the dog, or to have a higher fence or to just train your dog properly. That have been other cases that had some more serious outcomes. In one case, a neighbor decided to take matters into his own hands.

When the neighbor’s dog invaded his property, he decided to call the dog pound. The Dr. Brown took the neighbor’s dog and left the owner very worried. The worst thing is heated and even inform the neighbor of who had taken the dog. It took the neighbor several days to find out the whereabouts of his dog. He eventually found out who had been responsible for it and confronted the neighbor. They need to solve their issues in court, and a final court date is still pending.

The neighbor and the next video has very similar situation. The neighbor’s dog would jump the fence every time he hears noise. Because of the fact they usually have parties or has people over, his house will be a little bit noisy, especially on the weekends.

To prevent the neighbor’s dog from jumping the fence he devises a more ingenious plan. Since the reason for the dogs jumping is curiosity, he decides to do something about it. He creates a “dog-sized” peephole. This peephole is complete with an extra hole for the dog’s snout to fit in. This will absolutely make you tear in laughter. But don’t take my word for it, check it out yourself!