Young Man Patiently Waits in The Forest for Extraordinary Meeting

What’s the coolest wild animal that you’ve found yourself face to face with? I’ve only been to zoos, so that doesn’t really count, in my opinion. I’m talking about your finding them on their own home turf, not yours. You could be walking through the woods and suddenly have a moose cross your path. Then you could have what happened to this young guy when he was out and about looking at nature.

We see a man named Chris sitting on a tree stump in the woods. There are several young deer around him, and a particular doe seems to be fearless in his presence. Part of it is because he moves quite slowly and deliberately, with no quick motions that might startle her and send her and her other deer compatriots scampering back into the woods.


In a few seconds, he’s going to try to advance the interaction. Chris holds out an apple, and the doe first sniffs it tentatively before realizing that it is food, and she can eat it. After a few more seconds, she takes it in her mouth. It falls a couple of times, and Chris slowly picks it up and holds it out again.

Finally, she finished the apple, and Chris holds out a carrot, which she gratefully accepts from his hand. I thought it was a great interaction between the two of them. One of the main concerns was that the deer might wind up becoming too trusting of humans, but the description said that this was a very remote area where not many people went, which would include hunters.


It was funny to see the other deer just wandering around the area like, “Eh. Not much to see here.A person with food. No big deal.” It seemed like they were in their own little world.

Young Man Patiently Waits in The Forest for Extraordinary Meeting