This Man Sits On A Healing Table, But Watch His Reaction To The Horse

Even if you don’t believe in holistic medicine or the healing power of animals for humans, the relationship between these animals and humans could just make you a believer. Animals can affect the lives of humans in positive ways that we are still unaware of.  They have an impact on human lives that is unmatched by any human-to-human interaction, and this close connection is often used as an effective treatment for people trying to recover from emotional wounds.

This video shows an amazing place called Equinsity Retreats, which is a special sanctuary for horses which also invites people to participate in special therapy sessions with the amazing animals. The over 300-acre estate has plenty of space for these horses that were bred in a healthy environment and gives them the space and freedom they need to stay healthy. Their wild and untamed nature may not seem very theraputic, but you’ll see in the video that it is just what is needed to help these people heal from the past tragedies in their lives.

These horses are used to seeing and being with humans every day, so they actually are not wild. They are very comfortable in the presence of humans and that’s how they are able to help them. It is incredible to see how these horses’ strength and companionship can have such a positive effect on the lives of the humans they come in contact with. This is actually a promotional video for the movie “One With The Herd” which showcases this special bond between horses and humans.

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