Man Sits Outside House On Nice Day. I Was Stunned To See What A Baby Crow Did To Him.

Can you imagine just sitting there minding your own business and suddenly having a wild animal decide that hey, they like you and want to keep you company. An uncle of mine used to have an alligator hang out under a workbench. The closest I’ve had to that is having two feral cats think that I’m not a threat and seek me out to pet them. No, they weren’t the current cats I have now. Then there’s what happens in this video that features a baby crow.

We see the camera focusing on the side of the house. Crows keep up constant cawing in the background. A young crow comes from around the corner of the house – apparently, the guy ditched him there to try to have him eat ants. The little fella wanted some company and he wasn’t going to stop at anything to keep his new friend out of his sight. So, he sought him out and tried to resume the hangout session.

It’s so cute that this little crow is intent on hanging out with this guy. First, he hops nearby, then eventually jumps on his leg and then his arm. The whole time, the guy filming it is a little nervous that the mommy is going to get angry and misinterpret what’s going on. The guy is smart, talking in a calming voice and makes no sudden moves whatsoever. Every motion is a controlled one.

I made the mistake of following a thread on the YouTube page about whether this bird was a crow or a raven. Now I have a headache. I’m going to go with the general consensus that its’ a crow and stick with that. Such a cute bird, regardless. I wish something like that would happen here. Instead, I have sparrows, pigeons, squirrels and seagulls. Maybe if a baby squirrel came up to me..

Have you had a wild animal do anything like that to you? I’m not counting something like a petting zoo. Tell us all about your experiences in the comments section.

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