The Man Is Sitting On The Floor Playing With His Dog. But When The Dog Does THIS? Hilarious!

I bet you’ve seen a lot of pets that are capable of some truly amazing and unusual things. But beyond their impressive talents, what makes pet videos so funny is their outlandish quirks and behaviors they happen to get from their masters or other creatures that sometimes surround them.

One pet owner got a chance to experience something unforgettable when he saw his dog mimicking something that wouldn’t ordinarily be that funny if you saw a person doing it, though, it’s uproarious when watching a pup try it out. The young man’s playful golden retriever decided to show some affection for his master by kissing him, but when the man tried to scoot away? The dog copied it and did it, too! And it looks hilarious!

Watch this side-splitting clip! What do you think about this pretty wacky puppy behavior? Did this make you crack a smile? Let us know in the comments section! We’d love to hear from you!

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