This Man Spent Almost 2 Hours On This Door. When You See How The Kitty Uses It? LOL!

Cats are very stubborn creatures. They never seem to listen to you, but when they want something, they always find a way to call out for your attention. But the cat featured in this video is not like that at all. The cat’s owner, Brian, installed a pet door in his house, just for for his cat, Philo. He really wanted his friend to go in and out as he wished. But he didn’t expect him to react like this! You’ll be laughing hysterically when you see the kitty’s reaction when he sees what his friend made for him!

Brian worked hard on his personal creation, and after 90 minutes, he asked the cat to check out the door, so that he understood how it worked. He listened, and after he walked towards the door for a moment, he did something that left Brian shocked! You won’t believe it, it’s hilarious! This kitty in the video is proof that cats really do what they like, all the time! How does he not get the point of the door?!

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