A man spots his dog digging in the snow. Wait until you see what he digs out!

It’s been a while since I’ve seen a rescue video. Last year, I saw some of the most daring rescues ever. Now, to be honest, I did a couple of rescues myself at that time. The first one involved a dog that had been run over by a car. The dog was just sitting near a corner in the street, she looked scared and appeared to be in pain. My neighborhood has seen its share of street dogs in the past, but all the dogs that remained in the streets had an owner.

The dog had a collar, but no name tag. I got closer to see what was going on and could see that her leg was injured. I could still see a tire track mark on one of her legs. I remember taking her home and giving her a little bit of food. I guessed she felt that I was there to help, so she followed me to the house. Once in the house, I took a closer look and decided that she could also use a bath.

I have dogs at home, so I had dog shampoo at the time. I prepared a big tub and bathed the dog. I needed to be very careful, so I didn’t injure her in any way. I finished the shower and dried her up. Then, I took my first-aid kit and took care of the wound. I had no idea if the dog had a fracture or not, so I let her sleep in my house and took her to the vet the following day.

The vet took a look at her and told me she didn’t have a fracture. She was a little dehydrated and got some fluids for that. I returned home with her and shared her story on Facebook. The vet had given her some basic shots, so she would be able to get adopted. Fortunately, Facebook and the Internet can reach so many people, that I was able to find a home for her very fast.

I cannot describe the feeling of satisfaction you get from helping an animal in need. When that happens, you are the deciding factor on whether the animal lives or dies, and to be able to ‘give’ life in that way, has its rewards. I also rescued a cat that had been the victim of an animal attack. I got her back in shape, fed her and found a loving home for her.

The man in the next video is walking around in the snow with his dog. His dog loves the snow and starts playing as soon as they head outside. Then, the man hears a sound and his dog bolts to the backyard. When the man reaches his dog, he sees two small heads popping out of the snow. Watch how his dog desperately works to get the critters out. A joy to watch!