Man Stands In 1970’s London Street And Talks Fashion. I Couldn’t Believe Their Shoes!

Over the centuries, fashion has not been kind to women. They’ve been forced to stuff themselves into nearly every kind of contraption to try to make themselves look pleasing to men. There were times that they had to wear enough layers that it would take an hour to undress to wearing things that squash their innards (girdles, anyone?). But shoes have their own category. There’s this video about platform shoes from the 1970’s.

The video starts off with a man standing in front of a shopping district in London. You can tell that it’s a very different decade, he’s got long hair and his style would definitely not fit in today’s world. He goes around interviewing people about platform shoes. It’s funny that the grumpy policeman decries the safety aspect of it. Even though it’s during a time that I was a child, it still feels like a different era. It does end on a cute note with him wobbling off on a pair.

Like other women’s shoes, I wonder if the people who designed them actually hates women. It seems like they are there to make whoever wears it incredibly uncomfortable. My own feet started aching sympathetically when they panned on the woman’s foot, showing it seemingly being stretched like a medieval torture device by two ribbons. I hope these women can walk normally today.

Anytime I watch something from the 1960’s or ‘70’s, their fashion choices make me wonder what they were thinking. I don’t think there are many shaggy-haired male reporters out there now. But platform shoes, while loved by some, seem like a bad all-around fashion choice. I never wore them, though I do admit to having had corduroy pants and bell bottoms at one point in my life. Shoes, though? Give me sneakers any day.

Did you grow up wearing platform shoes? Maybe you can tell us about more positive experiences, then, in the comments section!

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