Man Starts To Sing Well-Known Rock Song. I Couldn’t Believe How GOOD He Was.

It’s always risky to sing song covers of people who had their own distinct sound. Stay too close to their vocal range and it’s a mere imitation but if you stray too far, you run the very real chance of completely ruining the song… well, for as long as it takes for another person to post a video of them singing the song. Marc Martel, who we see in this audition video to try to join Queen, hits a very happy medium.

Martel stands in the middle of a room with some sort of microphone in his hand. He announces that he’s going to be singing Queen’s “Somebody To Love.” Nice song to cover… Martel even seems to have the same slight overbite that Freddie Mercury does and at some angles, he looks like he could be related. Then he starts singing and it’s almost like hearing the singer himself. Some comments even ask if he’s lip-synching.

There are some times that Martel does sound like Mercury, and it was worthy enough to get him an audition with the actual band, but they decided to go with former “American Idol” runner-up, Adam Lambert. That’s show business, but it shouldn’t take anything away from how amazing the singing was in this video. If I tried to do the same thing, my upstairs neighbor would complain about my singing voice… and she’s nearly deaf!

One warning before watching this video: It will be very hard to not go on a search for Queen songs after this. I was four videos in before I had to close out YouTube and make myself write again. Such good music. Freddie Mercury was one of a kind, for sure. Martel has the singing chops and a slight resemblance to Mercury, but there was only one. I’m sure that the late Queen frontman would smile at this, though.

What did you think of the song? Are there other Queen songs that you would like to have seen covered?

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