Man Straps Himself In Harness In Cage. Wait Until You See What Comes Out For Him.

There are people out there who try to live life to the extreme. They do things like jump out of airplanes, dive as deep as they possibly can without the aid of a scuba tank, ski down mountains that are at a practically vertical angle… you name it. Then there are those who like to sit at home and watch them do things like this. You can probably guess which camp I am in. Note that I’m the one writing about this video and not the one starring IN it.

We see a man named Brady climb into a cage to observe what it’s like to have a brown bear charge him. Personally, I would have just put a Go-Pro next to a piece of meat and called it a day. Then again, there’s a reason why he’s in the cage and I’m sitting at home watching this video. It’s because I’m sane and he’s insane. No, I mean, he’s more adventurous than me. That’s it…

I’ve never understood how people can like to get into cages like this or shark cages. I can get a VERY good idea of what these animals are like just by observing them at a zoo or aquarium. Then again, not everybody is wired like me. So, they will do thrill-seeking like that while I like to hide behind a sofa when “Jaws” is on TV. Hey, those 3-D effects can be VERY convincing. It would take a LOT of money and also very thick bars and locks on the cage.

The good thing was that Brody was a docile and trained animal. Imagine if Brady had been put in a cage and then put in the middle of a forest? I think we would have heard his screams 100 miles away. Bears are no joke. It was stunning to see how easily Brody was able to topple the cage with Brady in it like it was a tin can. Imagine if he was truly mad? I don’t think that lock on top of the cage would have been of much use.

What do you think about the fact that this man sat there and willingly let a brown bear toss his cage around like a toy? Would you do something like that for a certain amount of money? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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