Man suffering from pneumonia was in a coma – until THIS happened!

It seems like a day does not go by without us hearing about a feat of heroism from a family pet – most notably dogs – animals that seem to save lives on a regular basis around the world. The inexplicable bond that forms between humans and our four-legged friends often provides us with tales of joy, hilarity, heartbreak and the miraculous, and this one is no exception.

Andy Szasz was diagnosed with bowel cancer back in 2012 and underwent a gruelling treatment to attack the disease and make a full recovery. However, while he managed to beat the dilapidating condition, his immune system took a battering – and that’s when pneumonia took hold. In a weakened condition, this infection can be deadly, and doctors decided that the only way Andy had a chance at surviving was if they placed him in a medically induced coma. Then all they could do it wait and hope.

Estelle, Andy’s wife, knew that there was a special connection between Andy and Teddy, their four-year-old Schnauzer/poodle mix. To try and make sure Andy’s stay in hospital was a comfortable as possible, Estelle insisted that Teddy was brought in to sit watch by Andy’s bed. Normally, this sort of practice wouldn’t be allowed, but hospital staff made an exception and Teddy was granted visiting rights! And boy – are they glad they did!

With Andy still in his coma and doctors unsure if or when he would pull through, it was the presence of Teddy that pulled Andy back from the brink. Whether he was sitting on his master’s bed or barking his encouragement, Teddy had an almost immediate effect – and Andy woke up!

Andy has little doubt that his trusty pooch helped to nurse him back to health, having developed a unique connection from the moment the pup “stole his heart,” when they first met. Everyone was extremely grateful to Teddy for the part he played in Andy’s recovery, and the little dog has been deservedly recognised for it – receiving an award from the UK’s RSPCA – The Royal Society for the Protection of Animals. We hope that framed certificate takes pride of place in the family home!

Don’t miss this touching and heart-warming story in the video below. We sure you’ll agree that dogs are simply the best animals and one YouTube commenter puts it so eloquently – “proof that EVERYONE needs a dog!” We couldn’t agree more!