Man Takes Golden Retriever On Morning Walks. Wait Till You See What He Does With Papers!

I’ve seen a lot of dog tricks over the years – shaking paw, jumping through hoops, begging… you name it. There have been dogs who have sang on talent shows. This is one trick that I’ve never seen anyone do with their pooch before and I have to say that it beats out many of the other things that I’ve viewed. Take a look at the video to see a Golden Retriever named Quincy and his daddy, Paul Goldan.

Paul and Quincy walk from house to house. The dog picks up the paper from wherever it is – on the lawn, driveway or in a mailbox – and carries it over to the recipient’s front porch. He obviously takes great care in how he holds it in his mouth… otherwise the neighbors would have complained a long time ago about rips in the paper from teeth marks. He’s been doing this 11 years, so something’s going right.

The neighbors appreciate what Paul and Quincy do. One of them was on the video and pet the pooch on the head with great affection. It’s a small gesture, but it’s one that speaks volumes to those around him. There are many dog owners out there and their neighbors mostly get annoyed at them when their pooch squats on their lawn, if you get my drift. Not Paul and Quincy… they leave the GOOD kind of gifts on someone’s porch.

This works best in a suburban area, of course. I don’t see it being effective in an urban environment… unless a building let a dog run up and down the stairs as a pile of newspapers wait in the lobby. Yeah, that wouldn’t work. Still, it must be so pleasant to wake up each morning and know that you don’t have to walk to the end of your driveway to get your paper. Unless Quincy slobbers on it…

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