Man takes an old mailbox into his workspace. I couldn’t believe what he did to it.

Crafty people are the best. They can find so many ways to reuse things ranging from a bedspring to a crib to a gallon water bottle. These people can take those things that most people would throw into the trash and find a fantastic purpose for it… and make it look unobtrusive. People won’t come into the house and say, “Wow! What is the chassis of a car doing here?” They will say, “Whoa… nice office!”

We see a lot of ways that people can take something as simple as a mailbox – the item that sits outside your home and the postman stuffs mail into – and transform it into something else completely different. It can be such a budget saver since some of the items that it’s used for could cost anywhere between $50-$300 and those savings go straight into your wallet. Got to love that, right?

There are a variety of ways to repurpose your mailboxes. Some uses include making it an umbrella stand, a toilet paper storage bin, a mailbox planter, a trash can, a treasure box, a bird feeder, a bird house, and a kitchen organizer. Who knew that there were so many ways to use this? Leave it to the creativity of craft people. They can find a use for nearly EVERYTHING. Like what we see in this video.

A man takes an old mailbox and he makes miniature tractors out of them. He uses everything from an old ice scraper to door knobs to grindstones to horseshoes. It’s a remarkable-looking thing and he makes them to order too. Talk about finding a way to make money from your old things. The tractor that is shown in the video has a few extra features that are generally not available in the ones he makes for people, including an engine made of old cabinet handles.

I always find it amazing what people can make from everyday items. Would you get a mailbox tractor? What would you use your mailbox for?