Birthday Sailing Jaunt Resulted in A Life Being Saved

Part of spending time fishing at sea is being at peace. The unique opportunity of being by yourself or with people you love just enjoying each other’s company is a wonderful experience. Every day, stress takes a heavy toll on each one of us. Very few things compare to the quietness you experience while being in the middle of the city. When you can experience this, it becomes something you always come back to. The most company you will ever encounter at sea is maybe bumping into another group of sailors every now and then.

Bruce Knecht and his wife are boat and fishing enthusiasts. They will use any excuse like a birthday to go and celebrate the place they love. This place is the magnificent Gulf of Mexico. This time, they are going to celebrate a couple of birthdays, so they go with another couple. They set sail early in the morning and plan to be at sea all day.


Everything is perfect that day. The water temperature is just right, and the sea is as calm as it can get. It was so peaceful that you could fall asleep easily. There was nothing that could disturb their peace.

A few hours into their trip, Bruce decides to do a little bit of fishing. You could say he is a fishing expert with many hours at sea under his belt. A perfect day for him would be catching something and then returning it to shore. He finally catches something and then asks his wife to pose for the picture. After the picture, he puts down his camera to pick up his fishing rod. When he does this, he notices something floating in the water.


There is a small shape that can be seen floating nearby. Initially, he thinks it might be trash. They sadly see this scattered through the sea, but this time appears to be different. When he gets closer, the shape suddenly starts moving. He tells everyone in the boat that they should go in and check.

Who knows what that mysterious thing could be, and it’s always better to be safe than sorry. They changed directions and head for the dark object in the sea. Nothing that they could have thought would have prepared them for what they were about to find. Of all the things that people could lose on that day, this was probably the last thing on the list. Check the video to see their amazing findings and the incredible turn of events that happened that day.

Birthday Sailing Jaunt Resulted in A Life Being Saved