Man Talks With His Dog About His Trip To The Pet Shop. You’ll Laugh Out Loud At His Reaction!

If you’ve ever had a pet live with you in your home, you must already know that when they get to feel comfortable and completely at ease with you, they’re just like another member of the family. When it comes to play time, dinner time, toys, sharing, being quiet, and all those sweet and sour problems that small kids sometimes bring, cats and dogs have no problem matching them.

If you have a doggy friend, for instance, it’s just like having a toddler who licks and plays with everything that he sees, which isn’t that different from an actual toddler, when you think about it. And the hissy fit that the dog throws in the video below is just like a toddler’s, too!

In the following video, a man recorded as he dubbed over his pup’s voice based on his physical reaction, and they understand each other so well, it really looks like they’re having an actual conversation! The man informs the dog that he went to the pet store, though he did not get a new toy for the dog to play, no. What he got might not please him all that much, but the video is too hilarious to take it too seriously

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