A Man Taught His Incredibly Cool Dog How To Ski! Her Skills Made My Jaw DROP!

As we all know and have proven in our lives, there are generally two different kinds of persons in humanity: cat people, and dog people. Of course, we love all animals, and it’s hard not to love a furry friend no matter what its species is, but there’s always a bit of a preference. And after you watch the following video, you just might get tempted by the dog side. Their loyalty, communication, and companionship skills are unmatched by any other type of pet!

Dogs are always there to share something special with us. All of them are amazing, but there are some who go one step beyond what the usual dog awesomeness levels recommend. The dog featured in this clip is probably one of the coolest dogs you will see in a very long time! After getting injured as a puppy, this dog got very used to being held and carried everywhere, even if she’s completely healed. Because of this, her owner took her with him on a skiing trip, and well… the rest is history. You need to watch this for yourself!

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