This Man Took His Dogs To The Lake. But When You See Them All Together? AMAZING!

All dogs can be amazing friends with people. But what’s most fun about them is how every breed has their own particular personality traits and preferences. One of the most popular dog breeds in the world, the Golden Retriever, is known for its profound love for water.

They are very lovely and well mannered, but they are mostly recognized for being energetic and playful almost all the time. And when they see any water, be it a pool, the ocean, or even a puddle, these guys will be all over it. They actually get their name because they are very good at retrieving game fowl when hunting.

And if you’re not convinced of their love for water just yet, this video will surely do the job. It was recorded in Thailand, by a dog owner who had a very fun day out at the lake with more than a few golden retrievers. We’ve seen videos of arduous animal enthusiasts, who have many pets at the same time without any trouble. But how about twelve of them? I’ve never seen so many doggies playing all together at once!

Enjoy this cute video right below here. Would you like to have all those friends for yourself? Tell us what you think in the comment section!

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