This Man Tried To Poke A Sleeping Anaconda. He Sure Had No Idea What He Was In For, OMG!

“Don’t poke a snake, EVER!” You may have heard this sentence many times in your childhood and you may also know the reason most obviously. Poking a snake means inviting a hideous pain to oneself. They are dangerous so it’s always wise to not intrude them without a very good reason. But, this guy in the video clearly doesn’t get it.

When this man saw a huge and terrifying anaconda resting quietly in a river, he decides that he should poke him and wake him up. As soon as he poked this kingly snake on its head, it jumped out to attack him. He got lucky as he jumped back on time, but it’s not the same every time. And he was even luckier because the anaconda wasn’t so enthusiastic to pursue him further.

Disturbing a wild animal is not just rude but pure stupidity. I hope this guy has learned his lesson now. Let us know what you think of this guy in the comments! We’d love to hear from you!

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