Man tries to feed a wolf his old sick donkey, he is stunned by how the wolf responds

I have seen some pretty incredible videos of animal behavior. The most unlikely of friends that end up protecting each other is only one of the cases that I have witnessed. In animals as with people, when enough of them come together to fight for what is right, the results can be amazing. They can even change the lives of those who participate in them. If it wasn’t for people joining forces to fight for the unlikely pair in the following story, their future could have been much darker.

This story has been spreading very fast. Once you see what it is about, you will be amazed too. It all starts in 2007. A man in the village of Patok has just captured a wolf. Patok is located in the country of Albania. Instead of releasing the wolf, the man decides to keep the wolf in a small pen with no room to run around. The wolf is not very comfortable at all, but the man is eager to show it off to his friends.

After days in the cage, the wolf pretty much sensed he wasn’t getting out of there anytime soon. His future there remained uncertain. Soon after, the wolf’s captor decided to take his wrong decision one step further. What he decides to do would be criticized by almost everyone he knows.

He remembered he had a donkey that was very weak to do anything. He figures the donkey would be the perfect meal for his new-found pet. The donkey had already been exploited by the owner. He had been neglected as well. The owner feels that the donkey can no longer serve a purpose to him. He puts the donkey in the same cage. He figures that it will be over soon. The wolf would get hungry and then nature would just take its course. This was another cruel act on behalf of the owner. He thought the donkey was too old and useless for him now.

The people got word of what had been happening. The horrific conditions that this odd duo was living in. The people got together, signed petitions and letters to the Albanian government soliciting the release of these poor animals. The people knew that if they got together and asked the government to do something, they would have a much better chance of having something positive happen to them.

These poor animals’ fate is now in the hands of the brave people who decided to stand up for the animals. No one was really taking their side. The donkey especially was in dire need of help and a lot of medical attention. Will the petition reach the government in time?