This Man Tries To Touch The Lioness’ New Born Cub, And Watch How She Reacts

Generally, lions are thought to be one of the most dangerous of wild animals and we are meant to maintain a far distance from them for our own safety, as nearing to them can result in losing our lives, even on safari. However, this video will show you an amazing exception to this good advice, but don’t get any ideas about trying this yourself on your next safari. This video shows the very rare friendship between a man and a lion.

Kevin Richardson has worked closely with lions for a long time in a wildlife conservatory in South Africa. You may have seen a previous video of him helping a male lion get the dental surgery he needed after breaking two of his canine teeth. When the animals aren’t in the state of being rescued, they are brought into the conservatory where they can live peacefully in a habitat that is natural for them. Kevin is also popularly known as “The Lion Whisperer” and you will see why in this next clip. His relationship with these lions, who are still wild, is just incredible. But make no mistake. Kevin knows they are wild animals and treats them as such, respecting them in a way most people don’t because we don’t understand them like he does.

Working with lions is always tough but the amazing rapport he shares with this lioness and her cubs is simply amazing. Watch this video and tell us how you felt watching it through your comments. We would love to have your opinions on this video! We’d love to hear from you!

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